• eventurecat supports the asset deal with the Dr. Becker Company Group
  • Health coaching will be continued and developed
  • Integration into the organisational structure of the Dr. Becker Company Group

The insolvency administrator of HausMed eHealth Services GmbH, solicitor Christian Otto of hww wienberg wilhelm and the M&A consultancy commissioned with finding a buyer, eventurecat GmbH, are pleased to announce that a buyer for the assets of the insolvent portal specialist has been secured. The Dr. Becker Company Group will take over the service range of HausMed eHealth Services GmbH and HausMed Corporate Solutions GmbH and integrate them into their own organisational structure. Despite the insolvency of the former operating company, all of HausMed’s health coaching offers can be continued without restriction.

HausMed eHealth Services GmbH, which was financed by Carsten Maschmeyer, founder of AWD Holding AG, and his investment company Alternative Strategic Investment GmbH (ALSTIN), has been in orderly administration.

The M&A consultancy eventurecat, which specialises in IT and internet enterprises, has driven the search for a buyer for HausMed and supported the sales process. In the course of the proceedings, which lasted several weeks, it became apparent that the major assets of insolvent HausMed were the online coaching product and the associated technology. These assets have now been acquired by the Dr. Becker Company Group in the context of an asset deal for an undisclosed sum.

The HausMed range is a perfect supplement to the existing eHealth services of the group of companies from Cologne which operates rehabilitation clinics and therapy centres across Germany. Depression, weight loss, […]