Cross-border transactions on the rise

In 2012, the number of so-called cross-border transactions rose to above 100 and thus significantly exceeded figures of previous years.

An increasing number of international investors and buyers discover the German IT and internet companies. The strong innovation capabilities of local providers, the access to one of the biggest European markets and inherent growth plans drive an increasing number of engagements by international companies and investors in Germany. The interested parties include financial investors and venture capital companies, as well as strategic buyers from within the IT and internet sector. Compared to 2009, the number of investments in companies and takeovers with international financing rose by 144% by 2012. The focus is on medium-sized companies with strong innovation capabilities in the German IT sector and imaginative internet start-ups.
This development can be observed particularly clearly in Berlin. With almost 6000 companies, this location is amongst one of the centres of the German IT and internet economy anyway. The settlement of foreign investors and investment banks document the strong interest in the IT events in the capital. As can be expected, the interest from USA and ASIA PACIFIC companies, which account for more than 41% of the concluded transactions, is especially strong.
However, German companies also profit from this development, as Thomas Schröter, CEO of eventurecat and previously an IT entrepreneur himself, states: “It is much easier for German companies to access international markets, if an international investor or strategic partner is involved.”