Incentives for the sale of a company are many and varied. Frequently, the desire to gain a strong strategic partner or the realisation of the exit of investors necessitates the devotion of attention to the sale of the company. Is this time consuming and complex transaction timed well? Is it possible to increase the value of the company through targeted measures, before the actual start of the sales process? How can I identify suitable buyers for the company? What is a sensible and realistic schedule for the transaction?

Many companies lack an objective evaluation in this situation. Information on M&A activities is scarce and the evaluation of ones opportunities poses significant uncertainties. Business operation seldom leaves sufficient time and room for solid strategic planning. The timing of a potential sale of a company should be chosen and prepared carefully to ensure the achievement of an optimal result.
The early consultation of an experienced M&A advisor, even before a potential transaction, facilitates not only the objective evaluation of the situation of the company, but also assists in the avoidance of errors:

  • Lack of objective evaluation of the overall situation
  • Excessive costs for consultation at the wrong timing of the sale
  • Lengthy sales process due to poor timing
  • Lack of notion of a realistic company value
  • Discovery of unexpected deficits during the sales process


Our Approach

General market analysis
Existing documents are reviewed and value creation chains, as well as market participants are identified.
Workshop for the collection and recording of relevant data
Within a workshop, the strategy and company positioning is established, the management and organisational structure are analysed and the market and competition examined closer. Financial data of the company are discussed and put into the context of the market.
Analysis of M&A activities
Access to S&P databases facilitates the research of transactions, while eventurecat performs its own research of company sales performed. The transactions are analysed in respect to performance indicators and strategic benefit for the buyer.
Formulation of an M&A Strategy
The identification of potential buyer groups and market events enables the definition of precise recommendations for actions for value increase and for the general company positioning.
The established results are presented, the recommendations for action are discussed and the M&A strategy is subsequently derived.


Thomas Schröter
Thomas SchröterManaging Director
e-mail: thomas.schroeter@eventurecat.com
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  • Access to M&A specialists with IT focus
  • Systematic market screening without personal effort
  • Objective evaluation of opportunities and risks of an acquisition


I would sincerely like to thank you for the excellent job you did during the sale of shares. Even in “tight” situations you always maintained a cool head, were extremely professional, and it was always very pleasant to work with you. I will gladly recommend you in the future!
Beter Brack, CEO BGi Solutions/Borchert GeoInfo Solutions GmbH
Friendship Systems GmbH is now part of the Germanischer Lloyd Group. The team at eventurecat, with their high level of competence and excellent support, has reassured me that for both, the positioning of the company and throughout the entire transaction process, I had the right advisors at my side.
Stefan Harries, CEO Friendship Systems GmbH
With strong commitment and within a short period of time, the sector specific knowledge of eventurecat helped us succeed in the spin-off of a business unit as part of a management buy-out and thereby in a stronger focus on our core competencies.
Stefan Wiesner, Chairman Condat Informationssysteme AG
The advisors at eventurecat have supported our management buy-out with great commitment and expertise. We can only recommend eventurecat.
Ingo Czok, CEO Tembit Software GmbH