Strategic Advisory


The planning and preparation of medium and long-term growth and sales strategies gives rise to a wide range of strategic questions that are easier to answer with the support of proven experts in the sector with transaction experience.

Based on their experience gained in over 400 projects in the IT, internet and mobile sector and the support of companies in the most diverse organisational stages, our Advisors are available for challenges including:

  • Development of growth strategies
  • Proposition of alternative exit scenarios
  • Planning and implementation of succession solutions
  • Development of business and financial plans
  • Preparation of the sales process
  • Identification and maximisation of internal value drivers
  • Quantitative and qualitative company evaluations
  • Restructuring before a sale
  • Buy-and-build strategies
  • Determination of the optimal sale timing
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Valuation Services

In addition to processing the content of such issues, the moderation of different interest groups, for instance at a board or shareholder meeting, and the development of commonly agreed organisational strategies are part of our task.


Thomas Schröter
Thomas SchröterManaging Director
Telephone: +49 30 7261323-0

Our Approach

Technologies, products, markets and positioning, competition and performance, economic data, as well as capital and participant structures are analysed.
Evaluation of alternative courses of action, recommendation of organisational goals and proposals for specific subsequent steps and roadmaps
Support of the operative implementation of suitable measures and if necessary advice on planned transactions or capital measures


  • Access to corporate finance specialists with IT focus
  • Documented long-term organisational goals
  • Solid basis for planning
  • Objective evaluation of courses of action
  • Professional decision making models for management and shareholders
  • Allows the company to focus on business operations


Friendship Systems GmbH is now part of the Germanischer Lloyd Group. The team at eventurecat, with their high level of competence and excellent support, has reassured me that for both, the positioning of the company and throughout the entire transaction process, I had the right advisors at my side.
Stefan Harries, CEO Friendship Systems GmbH
With strong commitment and within a short period of time, the sector specific knowledge of eventurecat helped us succeed in the spin-off of a business unit as part of a management buy-out and thereby in a stronger focus on our core competencies.
Stefan Wiesner, Chairman Condat Informationssysteme AG
The advisors at eventurecat have supported our management buy-out with great commitment and expertise. We can only recommend eventurecat.
Ingo Czok, CEO Tembit Software GmbH